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Recruiting Partners Using Salesforce Channel Management (Part 6)

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The Salesforce Channel Management system gives your company greater access to recruit, manage and control partnerships with individuals and companies. By recruiting other people to work with you and your business, you can increase customer traffic and promote your product to a wider audience. Developing partnerships with related businesses can also help you target motivated markets of individuals who already have interest in your product. Recruiting the right partners is crucial to building strong profitable sales channels and Salesforce helps you automate, motivate, and develop strong marketing partnerships across the internet.

Salesforce provides internet partnership portals that you can customize to look and feel like your company’s website. You can use a single portal or tailor separate online portals to target and attract select groups of potential partners. These portals also allow individuals or companies to automatically register with your system, giving you time and flexibility to approve and build these partnerships at your own pace.

As part of the Salesforce system, the Channel Management options let you route incoming partner applicants to appropriate individuals or teams. Simply set up territories to accept incoming partner applications and assign these territories to designated team members. Once partners have been approved, your associate can provide them with targeted action plans and online marketing tools to help each partner drive more customers to your site. You can also add new programs and upgrade partners based on their performance.

The same Salesforce tools used to manage customers can also be used to manage partners. You can organize partners into territories and send out messages to one, all, or selected groups of individuals based on your marketing needs. Detailed tables, analysis, and data sheets let you evaluate the progress of each relationship and measure the performance of every marketing strategy.

With Salesforce’s network of data you can easily track your partnerships and develop milestones for future partner relations. With targeted tailored marketing relationships you’ll be able to reach a larger motivated audience and maintain happy partner relationships using the Salesforce system.