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Spring is in the Air

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

What a great weekend. It appears that the weather is starting to change for the better. Spring = renewal and all that good stuff. Hopefully, spring will bring in a rosier economic climate as well for our businesses. And of course if you’re a Phillies fan, things couldn’t be any better, although let’s not get too optimistic only three games into the season.

I’m often asked by my business peers: “So what kind of projects are you working on?” An innocent question, of course, but difficult to answer because we’re working on 15-20 client projects at any given time. So I thought I’d use our social media sites to briefly highlight some of the more interesting projects going on at World Wide Web Communications.

One of my favorite jobs right now is redesigning the website for Community Realty Management (CRM), a full-service property management organization incorporated in 1974, headquartered in Pleasantville, NJ. CRM specializes in the management of multifamily properties such as Low Income Housing, Tax Credit apartments, affordable housing, conventional apartments, public housing, student housing, plus condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations. CRM is experienced in working effectively with Housing & Urban Development offices and state Housing Finance Agencies. CRM is a licensed real estate broker in NJ, MD and PA and is responsible for the management of over 7,000 units of housing in these states plus Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Many of these properties are financed and/or regulated by federal and state housing finance agencies.

Unlike the current website, the new site will feature a content management system (CMS) so that the firm can maintain the site itself. It will have a completely new look and feel as well as improved navigation and content layout so that the site will be extremely user-friendly. Finally, the new site will also contain two password-protected portals: one for employees and one for clients in order to improve communications on both fronts.

We’re looking for an late April or early May launch.

WWWC Creates Bold New Look for P&N Distribution

Friday, August 13th, 2010

WWWC recently launched a new website for P&N Distribution, an HVAC wholesale distributor providing HVAC dealers in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the quality products, competitive pricing, unwavering support and exceptional service they need to compete in today’s marketplace.

P&N Distribution, although primarily a Rheem distributor, also carries parts and services of other well-known manufacturers such as Honeywell, LG, Dunkirk, Modine, Benchmark and Lukjan. Priding themselves on next-day service, P&N not only sells and services parts but also provides instructional classes for service providers (see for more information).

P&N’s new website boasts bold, primary colors and an open, airy feel with plenty of white space. Geared primarily for the trade, the site is easy to navigate with a simple text-based, horizontal “tab” toolbar at the top and a host of images that link to the manufacturers’ websites.

Behind the scenes of the site is a robust content management system (CMS) called WordPress, which enables the site owner to control content in the site and keep it up-to-date. Also, WordPress has built into it many features that are instrumental in achieving high search engine ranking. Helpful in this regard is the use of Google Analytics, which we set up for the site, so that the owners can view very detailed statistics of site traffic.

Keeping in mind that the purpose of the website is to attract and convert leads, on all the main areas of the site is a “Quick Contact Form” designed to make it easy for anyone to contact P&N. In addition, through the use of Google Maps, it is very easy to find each of the four locations as well as print out a map.

So congratulations, P&N, on your new site. We hope that it helps you find new clients, service existing clients and lets people know exactly what you do.

A Website that Reflects Customer Satisfaction and Convenience

Monday, June 28th, 2010

WWWC recently launched a sister website for, a company focused on making flooring purchase and installation easier for homeowners. is the new website; it gives consumers easy access to information about flooring and direct contact with floor experts.

“WWWC was eager to set up a site that combined Encore’s product information with a way that customers could contact the company online,” said Robert Savar, President of WWWC.  Savar went on to explain that the creative team at WWWC “developed to reflect the same easy floor shopping experience customers found with Encore Floors.”  He added that “takes it one step further by giving consumers lots of information right up front, making it even easier for them to contact YourFloorDirect and schedule a consultation.” and allow consumers to sample and purchase carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, vinyl, and laminate without leaving home.  Instead of visiting and browsing floor samples in specialty stores, homeowners can contact and receive a free at-home consultation and estimate by a flooring expert. 

“The new website is a perfect way for old and new customers to browse options and renovation opportunities on one simple site,” Savar said. “ is really a great portal for Encore Floors to showcase all of its services in one unique site.”

Mediabridge Products Launches New E-Commerce Website

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Mediabridge has been selling computer networking hardware for years via the online giant, Amazon, and recently decided to launch its own storefront with the help of WWWC.  “Our web designers and software developers were eager to help this growing company create a new online storefront that reflects their advanced technologies and dedication to customer service,” explained Bob Savar, President of WWWC.

Much like the computer giant Apple, Mediabridge wanted a website that reflected the efficiency of new technologies.  WWWC designed a website that incorporated clean lines, sharp shades, and easy navigation tools to reflect Mediabridge’s dedication to product quality and customer care.  This basic website design also symbolizes efficiency and helps customers find the products they need with the fewest page transitions.

In addition to color, WWWC customized the shopping cart software to provide Mediabridge customers with a safe, easy, and secure method of purchasing online.  “We fully customized ProductCart, a software program by Early Impact,” said  Savar, “to help Mediabridge transition their business from Amazon to their own website.”  Since ProductCart is fully compatible with PayPal, Google, UPS, and hundreds of other systems, the software gives Mediabridge customers the same purchasing flexibility they have on Amazon.  And, since the software is compatible with popular accounting and management software, Mediabridge has even greater control over their inventory and sales.

With the flexibility of their own online storefront, Mediabridge can experience unlimited online growth opportunities while still providing the same quality of service to existing customers.

WWWC Creates Bold New Look for Method, LLC

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Method LLC is an established company dedicated to helping businesses succeed by matching companies with appropriate telecommunication and technology to maximize efficiency and cut costs.  WWWC recently helped Method rebrand their company by designing a new logo, recreating the company website, and developing marketing materials for use both on and off the web.

Since Method LLC focuses on the efficient use of communication and technology, WWWC redesigned the logo and brand using timeless designs with bold simplistic style.  The new blue logo emphasizes efficiency and focus, giving consumers an immediate sense of the company’s strength and dedication.  “Our web design team incorporated the same sense of focus and efficiency into the design of the website, using blues and grays to balance color and shape in order to create a website that successfully reflects the focus and drive of this trusted company,” explained Bob Savar, President of WWWC.

“To complete Method’s re-branding,” continued Savar, “we took the new logo and designed bold new marketing materials with redesigned business cards, letterheads, and digital graphics and templates especially designed for print materials. Essentially we’ve created a package that gives Method the tools they need to engage both new and existing clients well into the future.”