About Rob Spina, Marketing Generalist and Specialist

Rob Spina has written many informational articles related to small business and entrepreneurship.  In business, he considers himself both a marketing specialist and a generalist… having specialist insight in specific areas of need but with an intimate familiarity in all other areas of marketing operation.  This is a discipline and methodology that he feels is beneficial to have and mandatory to offer in this changing economic landscape.

First and foremost, Rob considers his business writing skills his most valuable asset – having much success with the written word – whether technical or persuasive.  This includes traditional direct mail programs and current social media directives, corporate biographies, marketing plans, annual reports, speeches, prospect and member awareness programs, competitive intelligence reporting.

On the entrepreneurial side, Rob has written a series of work-at-home guidebooks, including “How to Start and Operate an Errand Service,” which has been listed on numerous websites, TV, and for a period was one of the highest ranking books of this genre on Amazon.com.  His “How-To” guidebooks can be found at: www.legacymarketing.net.

Rob is currently doing marketing and communications for a financial services firm and can be reached at:[email protected] or 609-458-5622.