ABC Manufacturer and Distributor of Truck and Trailer Parts Turns to 3wCommunications for SharePoint Customization

3wCommunications, a leader in delivering award-winning technology solutions including SharePoint customization, especially in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, was approached by a leading global aftermarket master distributor and manufacturer of truck and trailer products – let’s call this company ABC. So ABC was faced with a business challenge: It was being buried under a pile of paper documents. The situation was so bad that management, quality control personnel and salespeople were having a hard time keeping updated on prices and specifications of parts.

ABC’s inventory included over 10,000 parts.  The manufacturer would provide detailed spec sheets and then have their quality control inspectors validate the actual parts received against the spec sheet provided.  Spec sheets would be updated from time to time, but keeping track of all the various versions and making sure customers and salespeople were also working with the correct prices and specifications was challenging. A great deal of manual effort on the part of administrative personnel was required, and the results were not always up to speed.

ABC reached out to 3wCommunications for assistance.  Clearly, SharePoint was the only solution that would solve ABC’s pain, but their internal IT staff did not have experience with SharePoint, especially customizing SharePoint, yet all agreed the company needed SharePoint customization.

3wC, having completed numerous SharePoint customization projects over the years, was able to develop a customized SharePoint solution for ABC, which solved their problem.

The first step was meeting with stakeholders and gaining a clear understanding of the current processes and challenges.  After that, a detailed project plan was created outlining how the SharePoint installation and customization would be implemented.  3wC’s SharePoint development team worked on the installation while the design team focused on the look and feel desired by the ABC.

The end result was a perfect solution for ABC, which experienced a huge improvement in productivity for their personnel.  The great looking, easy-to-use installation ensured that all personnel had access to the latest documents they required.

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