The Importance of Custom Software to Every Small Business

Every business searches for opportunities to increase exposure in the marketplace and increase profit potential without exhausting resources.  As a small business owner, you understand the importance of investing in quality software that will not only benefit you now, but also give you a platform on which to build your business.  Not all software systems are alike, however, and if the wrong programs are installed, even the most basic tools can create management nightmares.

Professionally customized software, however, allows small businesses to maximize immediate productivity while simultaneously promoting long term growth.

Custom Software VS Out-of-the-Box

Why custom software?  Pre-packaged software is not designed to meet the unique needs of every small business.  Many of these products provide you with enough tools and technology to create a foundation on which your business can begin to develop, but few are tailored to meet the niche needs of your specific company.  By customizing software tools, professionals, like those at 3wC, can build a software platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your business and your team.  Customization involves not only choosing which tools would best benefit your company, but also creating a system that is designed around the way you work and integrating it into your existing software.

Saving Time and Money

Not only do you get business software that is designed for your business, you also get fully integrated programs created to save you time and money.  By customizing and integrating software, all your programs work together to provide you with the most efficient tools with which to run your business.  When systems work together, numbers and data need only be entered once and are accessible from any program.  This means that reports, documents, communication, and data-sharing are streamlined, thereby reducing time and maximizing resources.

Benefits at a glance

  • Streamlined data sharing
  • Software integration
  • Improved communication
  • Customization and Integration of popular software – SharePoint and
  • Improved time and resource management – maximizing time and resources, thereby improving efficiency.

…and improved efficiency equals an increase in profit potential.

Consider choosing a company that will guide you through the customization and integration process from start to finish.  Companies such as 3wC ensure that the software tools meet the practical and cultural requirements of your company, and they guide you through the process of incorporating this new software into your business.  Once in place, these professionals train your staff to use the new tools so that you and your clients can derive maximum benefits.

In short, investing in customized software benefits you now so you can focus even more resources on a greater future for you and your small business.

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