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The Importance of CRM for Small Business Growth Potential

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Salesforce was designed to help small and large businesses manage customer relations by maximizing efficiency and profitability.  By combining multiple software tools, Salesforce gives small business owners the ability to streamline communication, organize tasks and data, improve information collection and distribution, and save time and money by giving companies a platform on which to build better communication within their company as well as with clients.

How CRM Works

As one of the top Customer relationship Management (CRM) systems on the market, Salesforce was designed to be customized to suit the unique needs of each individual business.  Although Salesforce has multiple communication and data processing tools, not every business needs every tool.  Web development companies like 3wC can help small business owners determine which tools they need to improve immediate services and which ones can be added and developed later as their business grows.  CRM tools are designed to move with your business and provide you with all the tools you need as your company moves into the future.

The Ease and Importance of CRM for Small Businesses

So how can you, a small business owner, maximize the productive potential of this versatile software?

  • Salesforce and Quickbooks – Salesforce recently integrated software with the popular Quickbooks accounting program as a way to help small businesses better manage time and data. This means that businesses using Quickbooks as their primary accounting system now have access to CRM software that is fully integrated with their financial tools.  Through this integration, data is entered in only one system but is accessible through both programs.  By combining two of the most popular software tools in small business, this integration allows companies to not only streamline process and save time, but also to analyze and compare data on a larger scale.  This also means that sales data can be overlapped with financial tools to give real-time feedback to business owners and associates.
  • A Tailored Approach to CRM – Every small business is unique, and as a result no CRM software will meet all your needs straight out of the box.  Instead, your business needs a CRM system specifically tailored to the unique rhythms and goals of your business.  Thankfully, Salesforce was designed so that businesses could customize the software to maximize its potential.   There are countless ways to mix and match the tools available with this CRM software, and tools can be added and changed as your business grows.
  • More Than Software – Customer Resource Management is more than just software:  CRM is a business model.  In order for small businesses to derive maximum value from CRM software like Salesforce, they need to view CRM as an idea rather than just a tool.  CRM software works best when business owners adopt the concept of integrating departments and procedures to better serve clients and maximize time and resources.
  • When to implement CRM? – Anytime, it’s never too late.

Remember, a customer-centered approach is an endless learning process adapted by all companies looking to grow and adapt with an ever-changing marketplace.  CRM tools, especially customized ones like Salesforce, can grow and adapt with your business and the market to give you even greater opportunities far into the future.

Welcome Aboard, Chris

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Chris Giltz - Executive Vice PresidentI’d like to introduce all of you to Chris Giltz, the newest member of the 3wC management team. Chris, whom many of you have already met and worked with, is our new V.P. of Operations. We welcome him aboard.

Mr. Giltz joined the management team of 3Wc in 2011 bringing an extensive background in management and operations.  As Executive Vice President, his responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company to ensure customers continue to receive the high-quality software for which 3Wc is known.  In his previous role he was Senior Vice President of Operations for a $200 million trucking company.   He brings over 25 years of management and software development experience to 3Wc.  In his management roles in trucking, he was active in the industry serving as Chairman of the Technology Committee for the Intermodal Association of North America as well as a member of the Executive Committee for the Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference for the American Trucking Association.   Mr. Giltz attended Florida Atlantic University where he received a B.B.A in International Business.