Spring is in the Air

What a great weekend. It appears that the weather is starting to change for the better. Spring = renewal and all that good stuff. Hopefully, spring will bring in a rosier economic climate as well for our businesses. And of course if you’re a Phillies fan, things couldn’t be any better, although let’s not get too optimistic only three games into the season.

I’m often asked by my business peers: “So what kind of projects are you working on?” An innocent question, of course, but difficult to answer because we’re working on 15-20 client projects at any given time. So I thought I’d use our social media sites to briefly highlight some of the more interesting projects going on at World Wide Web Communications.

One of my favorite jobs right now is redesigning the website for Community Realty Management (CRM), a full-service property management organization incorporated in 1974, headquartered in Pleasantville, NJ. CRM specializes in the management of multifamily properties such as Low Income Housing, Tax Credit apartments, affordable housing, conventional apartments, public housing, student housing, plus condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations. CRM is experienced in working effectively with Housing & Urban Development offices and state Housing Finance Agencies. CRM is a licensed real estate broker in NJ, MD and PA and is responsible for the management of over 7,000 units of housing in these states plus Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Many of these properties are financed and/or regulated by federal and state housing finance agencies.

Unlike the current website, the new site will feature a content management system (CMS) so that the firm can maintain the site itself. It will have a completely new look and feel as well as improved navigation and content layout so that the site will be extremely user-friendly. Finally, the new site will also contain two password-protected portals: one for employees and one for clients in order to improve communications on both fronts.

We’re looking for an late April or early May launch.

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