What is the Future of Cloud Computing?

In an article entitled “Cloud Computing will Cause a Radical Shift in IT,” the company Appistry claims that analysts including Gartner and Forrester were early proponents of Cloud computing and its potential. Several trends are emerging that will enable enterprises to make good use of Cloud computing, such as shared, virtualized and automated IT architectures. However, the introduction of cloud-enabled application platforms will certainly accelerate cloud adoption among businesses of all sizes.

Google Apps and Docs as well as Microsoft Office are in the clouds (so to speak). Salesforce.com, a CRM platform that we at WWWC have a great deal of experience with (see case studies at http://www.wwwcomm.com/projects/case/advancedsnow/,) is also an example of Cloud computing. I was reminded by our CTO, Kevin Gilper, that we’ve been hosting applications “in the cloud” for nearly ten years now.  Cloud computing, once a mystery, is actually very common and will continue to grow as a result of the time and cost savings of implementation and adoption.

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One Response to “What is the Future of Cloud Computing?”

  1. George Mach Says:

    I agree with this. Most organizations are using the “Cloud” in some way and have been for years. Real “Cloud Computing” is leveraging a “Cloud” infrastucture for hosting applications in a public or private cloud like Amazon EC or Rackspace. This solution offer compute resources, i.e. servers on a pay per use model. This is the future. Great entry!