Mediabridge Products Launches New E-Commerce Website

Mediabridge has been selling computer networking hardware for years via the online giant, Amazon, and recently decided to launch its own storefront with the help of WWWC.  “Our web designers and software developers were eager to help this growing company create a new online storefront that reflects their advanced technologies and dedication to customer service,” explained Bob Savar, President of WWWC.

Much like the computer giant Apple, Mediabridge wanted a website that reflected the efficiency of new technologies.  WWWC designed a website that incorporated clean lines, sharp shades, and easy navigation tools to reflect Mediabridge’s dedication to product quality and customer care.  This basic website design also symbolizes efficiency and helps customers find the products they need with the fewest page transitions.

In addition to color, WWWC customized the shopping cart software to provide Mediabridge customers with a safe, easy, and secure method of purchasing online.  “We fully customized ProductCart, a software program by Early Impact,” said  Savar, “to help Mediabridge transition their business from Amazon to their own website.”  Since ProductCart is fully compatible with PayPal, Google, UPS, and hundreds of other systems, the software gives Mediabridge customers the same purchasing flexibility they have on Amazon.  And, since the software is compatible with popular accounting and management software, Mediabridge has even greater control over their inventory and sales.

With the flexibility of their own online storefront, Mediabridge can experience unlimited online growth opportunities while still providing the same quality of service to existing customers.

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