Creating Backlinks and Building Brand through Social Media Marketing

This is the third and final article in this series of articles entitled “Making Sales through Social Media Marketing.”

The best thing about social media sites is that they are accessed by a large audience. Social media marketing can be used effectively to build links for the site, manage online reputation of the company, and even increase awareness and visibility of the site.

Building a profile on social media marketing sites will help the search engines, and ultimately the customers, “find” the business.  The profile should tell readers about the business owner and the products/services, with links to the business site.

Build Brand

Entrepreneurs and business owners must brand and attach themselves to a specific topic, making them the experts. Writing articles and posting them on blogs in these social networking sites can help others become aware of the business’ products and services.  By contributing to these sites, the business is branding itself.  The key is to use a soft sell approach.

Once business owners establish the credibility and expertise, customers’ belief in whatever products or service the company offers will follow. The business will then make the sale.

To illustrate:  A house owner would not hire a plumber to paint his house, but he may ask the plumber to recommend a good painter if the plumber has a good reputation.  This is an example of offline social networking.

Anyone who expects to achieve immediate results in the form of sales by engaging in social media marketing will be in for a disappointment.  A tweet will not make phones ring, make a customer walk through the door, or fill out an order form on the website, although this may happen in some lucky situations.  If someone becomes a fan of a business fan page on Facebook today, it doesn’t mean this fan is going to buy the company’s product or service tomorrow. Having a website doesn’t mean people will automatically visit it. The key is to understand that social media marketing can be an effective marketing strategy. But first the business owner has to determine the available resources, decide on which marketing methods are currently working and which are not, and know where competitors and potential clients are hanging out online.

To sum up…social media marketing cannot be taken for granted.  Social media marketing has a huge upside potential to boost sales if used properly and executed effectively.

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