The New World of Marketing – Three Critical Activities to Market Your Company

The world has changed.  From the perspective of a marketing geek, it’s amazing to me how much technology has impacted the way we reach our audiences.  The days of traditional marketing are gone and the days of social media and tracking brand identity are here.

No longer is it safe to put your advertising for the product on television, radio, newspaper, magazine… then sit back and wait to “monitor” the results in sales.  No longer can we identify our demographic in broad strokes, such as femailes 18 to 35.  There is just too much information available to and from our customers for advertising agencies, publicists and marketers to take that dangerous approach.

If we are not monitoring our brand – what’s being posted or said about us on the Internet, we run the risk of negating any paid advertising that we do.  In fact, the example of Pizza Hut, where a couple of employees created a video that disrupted our concept of the brand, brings to light the accessibility and availabilty ‘new media’.

So, what’s a marketer to do?

First – be aware of channels where the brand can be mentioned, either positively or negatively.   In the case of Comcast. there is a team involved to monitor customer complaints, and take quick action to respond to them.  Other companies are jumping on that bandwagon.  Can you afford not to?

Second – take advantage of new media opportunities.  Are you on Twitter?  Do you have a business page on Facebook?Are you writing articles about the company? Does the company have a blog?

Third – Join communities and monitor the conversations.  Join in the conversations. Humanize the company.

The days of faceless giant corporations are coming to a close – those are the dinosaurs that face extinction; much like taking the corporate jet and asking for taxpayer dollars.  Today the customers are vocal and they want to be heard. They want to interract, and they want their opinion to count.

Can you afford not to listen?

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