Why Should Your Business Twitter?

Why should your business Twitter? – As a new technology and social media tool, there has been great attention focused on Twitter.  The question “why should I use this?” and “how should I use this” are questions that I hear every day when I am speaking with clients.   As a platform to help drive traffic to your website or blog, Twitter can be useful, but as with other social media platforms, there are certain protocals that will earn you respect.

In a nutshell, Twitter is used to broadcast and to monitor.  In “broadcast” mode, you can use Twitter to announce new products, share existing services, highlight case studies, ask for information or resources, and generally market your business.  In “monitoring” mode, you will be able to respond to positive or negative mentions of your brand or company, keep updated about news in your market, analyze your competition, maintain links with  your suppliers, and understand customer service concerns.

Twitter is also about dialogue not one-way broadcasting.  It’s important to respond to inquiries for information and show the Twitterverse that you are a human, not a ‘bot.  To do this, you should respond to others and create dialogue as appropriate.   To this end, a “social media policy” should be established for your organization which determines the type of information that can be shared as well as appropriate and inappropriate dialogue that the company finds acceptable.  More on a social media policy in another blog to follow.

One of the most important functions of Twitter is as an information and news source.  Even the most respected television stations, radio stations and newspapers understand that they need to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.  There is something about having the ability to communicate directly with the radio personality or the television news announcer that is undeniable.  CNN has been very smart about setting up Twitter accounts for their announcers, even reading Twitter comments in real time on the air.

News is more of a two-way street than ever before.  True journalists are ‘keeping an ear to the ground’ by watching what’s being stated via Twitter statements.  If it’s important to the news, then certainly it’s important for you.

In future blogs, we’ll examine how to use Twitter to gain credibility and also how to develop a Social Media Policy.

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