Salesforce and Google Applications

Google has developed some of the most widely-used internet applications in the business world, and Salesforce has created a system to integrate these programs into its versatile software package. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Start Page are all part of the Salesforce system.

Gmail is one of the most trusted email programs available today. In order to maximize consumer and associate communication, Salesforce combines Google’s user-friendly system into the Salesforce business model. With this combination, you can automatically copy emails to your Salesforce sources to help you keep better track of important correspondence. Furthermore, integrated Gmail buttons make it easy to send emails from your business Gmail account from selected customer pages on Salesforce. These same buttons also appear next to any email address in the Salesforce system, making it even easier to keep in touch with important clients and associates.

Google Talk is just as easy to use as Gmail, and Salesforce has integrated this instant messaging system right into the Salesforce programs. You can assist clients, collaborate on sales calls, and coordinate with partners without leaving the Salesforce system. The Talk button appears right on the Salesforce page, making it easy to find your partners without leaving Salesforce.

Next article will discuss Google Docs and Google Calendar.

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