Blogs: Places to Post Links (Part 2)

Blogs are one of the most popular ways to build ongoing links to your website. While many companies host their own blogs, consider building multiple blogs through different sources on the internet. A blog on your business website will certainly keep your content fresh and your consumers informed, but if you’re looking to attract new clients you’ll need to post information outside of your company website. Blogger is the most popular free blogging site where you can host multiple blogs under the same username. You can use one of these blogs to talk about your business, services, or products, but you might want to build additional blogs that help educate consumers and guide them to your business.

For example, if you have a company that sells wine glasses, you may have one blog that talks about your business and what you do, another blog that specializes in educating consumers about how to choose a wine glass, and a third blog that focuses more on wine. While each targets a slightly different market, all of them would have links leading back to pages on your site. While some links might direct traffic to your home page, others could link to specific pages within your site to give the consumer even more information. In this case, consider building pages in your site that educate not only existing consumers but new ones as well.

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