CRM: The Advantages of CRM for Sales Managers (Part 5)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs such as Salesforce give your sales team tailored software tools to help them work more efficiently and provide better customer service. They also provide essential programs that enable sales managers to oversee their staff more effectively. Whether you have a large or small business, Salesforce enables your sales managers to accurately manage both their team and the ever-growing database of clients. The Salesforce CRM model helps your managers visualize and analyze both customer and employee data and make proactive decisions in order to promote future growth.

By giving managers the ability to group clients into territories, Salesforce makes it easy to redirect, move, and rearrange your business at any time. Each territory can then be moved as a whole, or your managers can select individual units to move separately outside of the group. By enabling your managerial staff to categorize customer data, you also give them power to assign different security preferences to specific groups of customers. This can help manage individual and team access to specific data and customer accounts.

This same tool makes it easy for managers to analyze customer groups based on demographics, regions, industry, and relationship with your company. By automatically assigning new leads to specific categories, managers can set up a system through Salesforce that directs new sales leads to the appropriate team member. This means that new customers will be automatically connected with a knowledgeable sales associate who can assist with relevant information about how your business can satisfy the customer’s unique needs.

By organizing clients and customer data into territories, Salesforce CRM gives your sales managers the ability to analyze and compare each group as a separate entity. This allows the managers to set unique goals and deadlines for each sales team and territory. The online Salesforce system also gives you access to real-time data so you can immediately analyze growth and redirect resources for the immediate future.

In combination with the territory management model, these forecasting programs let your company forecast and set goals based on region, territory, manager, sales representative, product, and more. You can compare, combine, and contrast all different sets of data in order to get the most accurate assessment of future growth. Salesforce also gives you access to currency conversions and customizable timetables so that you can tailor every sales prediction to your company’s needs. By implementing Salesforce in your business, you create an opportunity for maximum productivity from your sales team and the potential for unlimited growth.

This is the fifth in a series of articles about CRM. Next week: Recruiting Partners Using Salesforce Channel Management.


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