CRM – Customer Relationship Management: What it is and how it works (Part 3)

With online CRM your business won’t have to sacrifice valuable digital storage space either. Web-based CRM tools like Salesforce allow each business to save and interact with large quantities of information without installing on-site hardware. This also means that you can quickly and easily access your CRM tools without expensive hardware upgrades or specialized IT installations. Installed CRM software is available for businesses that want to keep their CRM tools in-house, but, for most businesses, it can be less expensive and easier to access specialized CRM tools online. These tools also give you access to contact management via automated emails and reminders and give you immediate access to available system upgrades.

The online format also gives you greater control over your Internet marketing and advertising plans. Salesforce CRM, for example, incorporates tools that allow you to manage Google Adwords, email marketing, organic web searches, and affiliates on a real-time platform, giving you easy and immediate access to ad management programs. These programs can also help you determine which ad campaigns were beneficial and which were not. You can also use these same tools to forecast campaigns and profits for future weeks or months.

All of the CRM tools can be used in small or large businesses since their applications can be tailored to fit the individual needs of your company. The interactions between all of the software tools make it easy to manage both clients and employees and provide any business owner with a user-friendly program designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. With an online versatile CRM tool like Salesforce, you can upgrade and add software tools from the same system as your company grows and evolves for years to come.

This is the third in a series of articles about CRM.  Stay tuned.

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