CRM – Customer Relationship Management: What it is and how it works (Part 2)

CRM helps you manage detailed information in customer accounts through its Service and Support systems. Every business knows that account management is key to maintaining not only customer relations but also creating and maintaining successful marketing campaigns. CRM lets you detail each account with all kinds of information from geography and company size to products sold. With each interaction, new information is recorded and accounts are constantly updated. Each transaction with the customer is then detailed and cataloged so you can reference it at any time. When and where you obtained each customer/lead can also be recorded so you can analyze past marketing strategies and develop future advertising campaigns to a more motivated audience.

As you can see, the Service and Support areas of CRM are directly related to the Sales and Marketing and Activity Management tools as well. While each CRM tool can be used for specified tasks, you can easily search, connect, and analyze data from all three at once.

These same Service and Support tools give you access to your employees’ interactions with customers. CRM keeps track of all customer-business transactions and gives you tools to analyze quantitative data based on number and duration of calls, total sales per employee, and more depending on your needs. CRM allows you to interpret this data through charts and graphs tailored to each individual search, giving you concise analysis at a glance. The user-friendly interface also makes it easy for your employees to manage their own customer connections and progress. This interface also provides immediate access to client information, which allows your employees to quickly gather pertinent information about accounts related to any sales calls. This provides both your employees and your customers with shorter call times and targeted, more efficient service.

This is the second in a series of articles about CRM.  Stay tuned.

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