CRM – Customer Relationship Management: What it is and how it works

Many business software programs incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into their packages, making it easy for big and small businesses to access software that helps them manage sales and customer relationships. Integrated business software like Salesforce uses CRM tools (a) to help streamline business practices in order to promote long term customer satisfaction and (b) to help businesses work more efficiently. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

CRM is basically a bundle of software tools used to manage phone calls, orders, and accounts of each customer as well as each employee. CRM software breaks down customer actions and manages detailed accounts of interactions in order to give your business all the tools it needs to effectively communicate with each individual customer. Specific search tools, charts, and data analysis allow your business to determine the kind of customer data it needs in order to efficiently manage each account.

In the Salesforce model, CRM tools are broken down into three main areas of application:

· Service and Support

· Activity Management

· Sales and Marketing

While all three of these systems interact with one another, the software also makes it easy to target just one area of your business, analyze data specific to that area, and adjust your future business models based on charts, tables and projections.
This is the first in a series of articles on CRM.  Stay tuned.

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