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Landing Pages vs. Microsites

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Creating landing pages and microsites are two of the most popular ways to drive visitors to your web site. Although similar in many ways, landing pages and microsites use different techniques to drive interested customers to your web site.

This article is on landing pages. Later in the week I will publish an article on microsites.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are short sales pages that are incorporated into your web site designed to improve your search engine optimization and help increase the number of hits to your site. Often they mimic the look and feel of your site, and web designers will usually use your logo or template as the background for these pages. Landing pages are also structured much like short sales letters, hooking your consumers and creating incentives for them to click through to your web site.

Landing pages are usually no more than 300 words and provide just enough information to persuade the reader to continue to your homepage. They have little informative content beyond offering an overview of your product or service. Incorporating landing pages into your business URL (web address) also has the added benefit of creating additional content for your site (provided each one is unique). By tagging your landing pages with different keywords and metatags, you’ve also given yourself more opportunities for customers to find your site through popular search terms. Landing pages achieve multiple objectives for traffic generation: greater number of pages, unique content, multiple means of using targeted keywords and tags, and marketing content for hooking interested consumers. The more unique pages and tags you have, the greater your chances of having your site rank high in search results.