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SEO and Keywords

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Keyword stuffing is the practice of over-using a specific word or phrase in order to generate higher search engine placement and more traffic. When search engines were first designed to sort through millions of pages on the Internet, they would scan articles for a specific word or phrase. As a result, companies began stuffing words into articles, hoping that a higher keyword density would generate more traffic. Unfortunately, many of these articles contained an abundance of keywords but little useful information.

To combat keyword stuffing, software engineers redesigned the search engine algorithms to make them friendlier for users. Instead of targeting specific words, the engines began searching for keywords, related phrases and synonyms that would ordinarily appear in quality content. Google, for example, revamped its engine to search the Internet for articles and pages that contained not only keywords but also supportive text. As a result, higher quality content began ranking higher on Google searches. This turned out to be great for the consumer and great for Google.

Strangely, it is hard to fool Google without writing a good quality article. Trying to force synonyms and related words into an article can be difficult; it is actually easier to create good content rather than try to fool a sophisticated search engine such as Google. The tactic of using keyword-stuffed articles no longer works as well as it once did. Lucky for all of us, quality content that Google does like is also more likely to appeal to your target audience and increase your sales conversions.

Keywords and Metatags

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Search engines have evolved in recent years, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have evolved with them.  In the past, keyword-stuffing resulted in higher search results with Yahoo, MSN, and Google.  While some people still use this technique, overusing words and phrases can actually harm your page ranking and simultaneously annoy your web site visitors.  To serve consumers, the software engineers behind these search engine giants have redesigned their services in order to support informative, quality content and provide consumers with accurate search results.  Consequently, writers and web designers have had to adjust their techniques.

Over the course of the next week or two, I will be submitting three new posts to this area dealing with Keywords and Metatags. Topics include: (1) SEO and Keywords, (2) Better Content = More Sales, and (3) Metatags.

Carbon360 Partners Launches New Web Site

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Carbon360 Partners of Camden, New Jersey, recently launched a new web site in October 2008.  Carbon360 Partners works with businesses and individuals to promote environmentally sound and financially rewarding clean renewable energy projects that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company’s focus is in the industries of renewable energy (wind and solar), forestry (managed re-forestation, new plantings on forested land and wood products) and animal waste management (reductions in methane from manure). Carbon360 Partners develop and provide third-party certified emission reductions and carbon credits.

Operating in a global marketplace, they work with partners to reduce their environmental footprint with sustainable and verifiable quality projects. As a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange, CCX, Carbon360 Partners aggregate relatively smaller projects and can offer them to provide liquidity in the market.

Rosenello’s Launches New Web Site

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Rosenello’s Windows of Andalusia, PA is a replacement and remodeling contracting company specializing in window, siding, roofing and door replacement. In addition, Rosenello’s also performs all other remodeling needs for home owners. When you do business with Rosenello’s you will appreciate their organized, customer-centric approach.  You begin by making an appointment for an estimate.

When you call, you will be asked questions by Rosenello’s knowledgeable staff so that the estimator will be fully prepared to meet your needs. After the estimate is confirmed, Rosenello’s will meet with you in your home to further discuss your needs and propose the appropriate options.  They will provide an in-home demonstration of the products they offer and describe the remodeling process.  Finally, they will take measurement, ask for design choices and provide you with a written estimate before they leave your home.

On Rosenello’s web site you can learn about all their products and services, view samples of their successful projects, read testimonials from satisfied customers, and see interesting case studies.

Healthcare Services Group Launches New Web Site

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Healthcare Services Group, begun in 1977, is a national, publicly-held company providing various services such as housekeeping, laundry/linen and food/dietary services to healthcare and long-term care facilities nationwide.

Healthcare Services Group’s proven approach is more economical than in-house programs.  Their specialization allows them to focus exclusively on the services that they provide to maximize cost control effectiveness.

Housekeeping services is Healthcare Service Group’s largest service sector.  It involves cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing resident areas in the clients’ facilities.  Laundry services involve the laundering and processing of the residents’ personal clothing. The company provides laundry service to all of its housekeeping clients.  Food services consist of the development of a menu that meets the residents’ dietary needs, purchasing and preparing the food to assure that residents receive an appetizing meal, and participation in monitoring the residents’ on-going nutritional status.

The Healthcare Services Group web site provides a great deal of information about the company’s services and operations as well as pertinent information for stockholders and the public.