World Wide Web Launches e-Newsletter

World Wide Web Communications unveiled its latest e-Newsletter on June 18th, which it emailed to nearly 4,000 clients, vendors, partners and friends.  It’s online and can be viewed here.

Many of our clients engage in email marketing.  We know because we send out nearly 50,000 emails each month for them.  Many of our clients, of course, do it themselves.

One of the questions we hear quite often from those who send out email blasts is “how can we improve our response rates?”  Here are four “Best Practices” to maximize response rates.

Be repetitive – Give your readers multiple opportunities within your email to respond.  One link at the bottom of the email is insufficient because your readers might not scroll that far.  Be sure to place your links towards the top of your email.

Focus on what’s important – Focus your email on whatever it is that you think your readers will be interested in most.  I know this sounds obvious, but so often we start out our email newsletters with a lot of extraneous verbiage to lead up to the real message.  It is better to start right off with the offer or content that is most compelling to most of the people on your list.  Also, remember too many messages will confuse your readers.  Stay focused!

Include a call-to-action – Every email newsletter needs a call-to-action.  What do you want your reader to do?  Buy now?  Sign up for something?  Register for an event?  Make sure that your readers know exactly what you want them to do, and fashion the email so that they do it.

Leverage an expiration date – You can create a sense of urgency around whatever you are offering by including an expiration date.  If the offer is to attend an event, give a discount if they register by a certain date.  If you’re selling something, offer a discount for a certain period of time.  You can always improve the chances of people responding to your message by reducing the time they have to respond.

Email Marketing is an inexpensive, effective way to keep in touch with your existing clients and to generate new ones.

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