Adelphia Restaurant Launches New Enhanced Website

Owned and operated by the Balis Family, Adelphia Restaurant Banquet Facilities and Nightclub has become a destination for families and friends to dine and celebrate together. Adelphia Restaurant has received numerous “Best Of” awards and critical acclaim from the press, local food critics and customers. The Adelphia nightclub showcases the area’s top bands, DJ’s, live radio broadcasts, dance parties, special one-time events and much more. It also hosts weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, receptions, corporate functions and other group meetings.

The goal with the Adelphia website redesign was to bring the personality and feel of the restaurant into the website itself. The old website certainly didn’t reflect the high-end experience that the Adelphia offers.

Working closely with the client, WWWC created designs based on actual elements found in the restaurant. Right from the opening, the website uses music and soft animation, capturing architectural elements in a smooth, quiet, complex animation that works hand-in-hand with the music. Adelphia has four distinctive environments, and the site invites visitors to each of these with a combination of sound and imagery that is distinctive and appropriate for each.

Our creative director, Tim Parrotte, explains that we “focused on the use of imagery, not just photography.” Elements included sculptures, wedding cakes, displays and painting styles.

In presenting photography, the website uses a new dynamic photo gallery. The gallery images are displayed on a dynamic layer on the page that includes smooth transitions between photos. Visitors can control their own experience and easily navigate from one gallery to another.

We also developed a menu system that allows visitors to see the actual menus in a PDF viewer, which enhances the user’s experience and facilitates perfect print formatting.

Finally, the website includes our ZipEdit™ CMS, which allows Adelphia to edit content in real time whenever and as often as it wants. ZipEdit™ Content Manager is a simple and convenient way to edit the content in your website. You do not need to learn HTML or any web design software. If you have ever used a word processing program, such as MS Word, you can edit your website with ZipEdit™. The ZipEdit™ Content Manager Component can be used to edit any of the static page content on the website.

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