Business Intelligence for Small Businesses (Part II)

Capturing Data
Information is captured in sales systems, customer relation systems and operational systems. There are two standards for capturing this data: uniformity and adherence.

Uniformity basically means having a sameness quality in the data. A good example of uniform data is the use of the same customer number for the same customer in different systems. If you sell widgets to John Doe, Inc. and you record the sale under customer number 25, you’ll want to make sure your shipping system also shows that customer number 25 is John Doe. This helps to insure you can link your data correctly.

Adherence refers to legally required information. If you make a sale, you have to have a method to capture it for sales tax, income tax and perhaps other criteria. By making sure there is a process by which all legally required information is captured in a uniform and cohesive manner, you can save yourself plenty of headaches down the road.

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