Hello Girlfriendz!

I’d like to say “hello” to my friends at Girlfriendz – “The Thinking Woman’s Magazine” – which debuted recently in Southern New Jersey.  Girlfriendz is the nation’s only regional magazine devoted exclusively to Baby Boomer women.

What struck me about Issue 2, Volume 1, which is the first issue I saw, was the fact that two of our clients – Linda Kester, President of Institute for Conscious Development, and Frankford Umbrellas – graced the cover of the magazine.

This particular issue even has an article on blogging called “What’s All This Fuss About Jogging? Blogging? Oops. Never Mind…”  Sometimes I think there are more articles on blogging than blogs – it’s such a hot topic.

Glad to see also in this issue there is an interesting, light article entitled Adventures in Mid-Life Dating, written by Jackie Pantaliano, owner of ImPRessions’ public relations firm in Voorhees, NJ.  Jackie is our PR person, and she does a wonderful job.

Good luck with the magazine. 

One Response to “Hello Girlfriendz!”

  1. Kevin Gilper Says:

    I am not sure if I am breaking all the rules by commenting on our own blog but. Wow! that is really cool! :)