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South Jersey Radiology Associates, PA Introduces Document Management and Knowledge Sharing Application

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

WWWC recently developed a Document Management and Knowledge Sharing Application for South Jersey Radiology Associates, PA. SJRA provides state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging facilities in eight locations in South Jersey. It has over 40 talented and experienced physicians on staff; the radiology studies – from standard x-rays to the most complex procedures – are interpreted by leading sub specialists, including neuro radiologists, body imagers and bone radiologists.SJRA presented us with a challenge to create a secure web-based knowledge sharing application, which would allow SJRA members to categorize, organize and present information to other members.

So we developed an easy to use knowledge sharing/content management application through which SJRA members can post articles, e-learning tutorials and share comments and views with their peers.

Doctors have to update their knowledge and skills throughout their entire career because of the new discoveries constantly being made. The application provides an easy to use, fast and efficient way to share knowledge and keep each other posted about latest advancements and developments in the medical field within the SJRA organization.

Catelli Brothers Launches New Website

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

The past several weeks have been busy ones for us at WWWC. Two weeks ago we launched a redesigned site for Catelli Brothers, a company that was started in 1946 by the Catelli family. Catelli Brothers started by providing its retail and food service customers with the finest and freshest all natural USDA choice veal and all natural USDA choice fresh American lamb. Now, with the Catelli Italian Bistro line of fresh meal packages, supermarket consumers can enjoy convenient, easy-to-prepare, restaurant-quality entrées featuring fresh veal, lamb, chicken, and beef.

The website, which opens with a brief Flash presentation, features a robust, interactive recipe section. You can read a case study of this application on our website.

Diane’s La Patisserie Launches New Website

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Last week we launched a new website for Diane’s La Patisserie, a special occasion bakery offering one of a kind birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, Bar and Bat mitzvah cakes, and especially magnificent wedding cakes.

Diane Nussbaum, of Diane’s La Pâtisserie, has owned her shop since 1986 and has been training and baking since 1981. Under her leadership, the bakery has won many awards including five “Best of Philly” awards for pastries and cakes. She was also given the honor of recreating Philadelphia’s Bourse Building from sugar for its 100th anniversary. Her miniature Cézanne sculptures for the opening of the Cézanne exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum were called “exquisite.” Diane was one of only 20 pastry chefs asked to create a celebration cake for the 20th anniversary of the Craft Festival of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Gum paste flowers, rolled fondant, and edible ribbons and lace have become a trademark of Diane’s La Pâtisserie as highlighted in Philadelphia Magazine’s “Elegant Weddings.”

The website features a self-administrable photo gallery, where Diane showcases her cakes, as well as coupon for anyone who visits the website and places an order.

Getting the most our of your blog (Part II)

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Here are two more tips on “getting the most out of your blog:” 

#3 Determine up front how often you’ll update your blog – and who will be in charge of that. You want the content to be cohesive and sound as if it’s coming from a single voice.

#4 If you have relationships with businesses or industries that are related to your own, agree to link to each other’s blog and company website. Providing links that your visitors may find useful lends credibility to your blog.

Happy blogging!

Getting the most out of your Blog (Part I)

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Continuing with the theme of “getting the most out of your blog,” there are several points that I want to discuss briefly.

#1 Think of your blog as the place where customers/clients – and potential customers/clients – can go to feel like they’re learning great secrets. Give them an insider’s look at your business or industry, and pass along valuable information that they can really use. Giving them a taste of your knowledge will prompt browsers to turn into consumers.

#2 Stay away from content that looks as if you’re advertising your business. A blog isn’t the place for a hard sell. If it fits with the rest of the copy, you can include a few customer testimonials about your products or services.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more tips.

Happy blogging!