Document Management Application Solves Client Problems

A client of ours, located in Southern NJ, approached us for help in redesigning their existing web-based document management system used for sharing certain types of data files. The existing application was presenting the client with file locking and performance problems. As a result, only one user could view a given file at a time. Also, as more files were added to the application it became more and more difficult to load and navigate the Web pages. The client wanted an application that would solve these problems.

We developed a document management application, which saved and rendered documents directly from the database. This eliminated the file locking problem that users were experiencing. The web front end for the application has an extremely easy to use interface with a consistent format for navigating to the documents. Search filters are provided on the front end, which makes it easy to locate a document and quickly view it.

The new document management application has greatly improved efficiency for users. It has reduced the upload and retrieval times for documents from hours and minutes to seconds. The application also enables users to quickly locate a single file out of a large set of files. Multiple users can now retrieve the same file without having to worry that others are using the same file.

2 Responses to “Document Management Application Solves Client Problems”

  1. Mirza Says:

    In my opinion this is a great solution for many organisations, because the efficiency will improve a lot. Nice job.

  2. Virus Removal jacksonville Says:

    WOW! It’s such a shame more folks don’t know about this place, it covered exactly what I needed today!!!