What do you need: A Mobile Website or an iPhone Custom App or Android Custom App?

November 8th, 2012

As developers of iPhone Custom Apps, Android Custom Apps and Mobile Websites (websites that display properly on smartphones), we know the difference between each of these. But sometimes it’s hard to explain to our clients.

There’s a fine line between when you should be looking at iPhone Custom Appsand Android Custom Appsvs. simply optimizing your website for a mobile browser.  While there’s no definitive answer a good rule of thumb would be how complex your existing website is and whether or not you want to add new functionality.

Custom iPhone or Android Apps give you the ability to take advantage of the features built into the smartphone that are not available on a website browser. For example, the GPS feature on the iPhone or Android – this is not functionality built into a browser. With GPS, the smartphone offers a host of possible creative uses not offered by a web browser so if you need GPS functionality you would want to have an App built. More so than a web browser, this functionality facilitates more interactivity and much richer experience for the user.

Unlike custom iPhone Apps or Custom Android Apps, a mobile version of a website is much less expensive. A few samples of mobile websites 3wCommunications designed include: www.sjra.com and www.skyperio.com.

You have to ask yourself if you really need an App. Will enough people be willing to download it for it to be financially feasible or can you accomplish what you want with a less expensive mobile website?

You can optimize your existing website so that mobile users can interact with your site quickly and easily without having to create an App. Currently there it is nearly impossible to create a layout for a traditional website and have it automatically optimized for a mobile screen. So if all you want to do is to take a relatively simple website and allow mobile users to access it on a smartphone the solution is a mobile website and not an App.

What Makes a Good Website? (Part III)

October 27th, 2012

In the world of search engine optimization there is a prevailing theme that says “Content is King.” Other than back links, content is the single most important consideration when trying to achieve optimal search engine ranking. For a website design company, which is not generally writing the content for a client, it’s important to explain to the client how important content is for optimal search engine placement. When planning website development for a client, the website developer must prepare a wire frame of the website so that both the client and the developer know what content is going into the site and where it is going.

The Importance of Content for Website Optimizations

Content, the subject of this blog post, plays a critically important role in how a website is viewed by Google and how it will be ranked in Google’s search engine. How does good content “please” Google? Well, as we know, one of the criteria Google uses to rank a website is keyword density. Only with good keywords properly placed can a website have good keyword density. In fact, it is fairly easy to target keywords with good content writing.


Content can be in the form of actual website content or in the form of blog posts, press releases, articles, newsletters, eBooks, etc. There are a lot of ways to include good, keyword-rich content in a website.

If you own a website and are serious about achieving high search engine ranking you should seriously consider adding as much content as possible into your website. What this does is twofold: (1) It helps build the credibility of the website; and (2) it helps establish authority for the keywords that you are targeting.

A good website design company can either provide or direct you to professional content writing services that offer SEO content writing for websites, blogs, press releases, etc.

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With nearly seventeen years experience, 3wC is a leader in delivering award-winning technology solutions primarily for businesses in New Jersey and the Philadelphia region. 

What Makes a Good Website? (Part II)

October 24th, 2012

This is the second part of our series on “what makes a good website.”  In the last blog post we talked about conversions, namely, that good website design means using the website development process to create a website that turns visitors into buyers (or clients or patients or customers…).

Particularly if you are a small business with a limited marketing budget you probably have to rely heavily on your website for your marketing strategy. The challenge of course is that you have to use a combination of technology, marketing, and graphic design – or website design – to develop a website that gets results.

The Importance of Website Design for Conversions

As we discussed in the first article, a lot of websites – mostly older ones – have heavy graphical designs with extraneous graphics that actually interfere in the user experience. Yes, they might be interesting to look at, but they are not geared for conversions. Other sites might have technologies that allow things to move around (special effects, so to speak) or tricky, hard-to-navigate toolbars or animated logos. Same problem. The sole purpose of your website is to get genuine leads and conversions not impress your website visitors.

So the key term here is “messaging.” A website certainly has to be attractive and look professional with pleasing colors, legible typeface and clear navigation. But it has to have the right “messaging,” that is, it has to have the right content to go along with good, clean code and good, clean design. You have to ask yourself if your website meets these criteria. Does your website convert visitors to leads or converts or does it just sit out there in cyberspace and collect dust?

When Searching Google Will People Click on your Website?

Nowadays your website is your storefront. People don’t use the Yellow Pages or the phone the way they did in the past. They “Google” you, look you up in a search engine on the web. Try to find your website. Learn about your business, etc.  Provided they find you amidst a cacophony of the noise of competing websites, will they stay in your website once they find you or will they vanish immediately because they don’t like what they see? This is what’s known as a “bounce.” A bounce occurs when a website visitor only views a single page on a website. He or she doesn’t stay long enough to view any other pages. You can determine your “bounce rate” from Google Analytics or any other statistical program tracking visitors to your site. Needless to say, you don’t want a high bounce rate because it indicates that your website is not doing its job.

So for a website first impressions are very important. If a visitor has a good first impression he or she might stay and look around, which gives you a good chance of turning the person into a lead and possibly a “convert.” But a bad first impression is a terrible thing. You’ll never get the prospective client to come back, thus the chances of landing a sale or close is impossible.

Ask yourself: What kind of first impression does your website make? Does your website generate feedback from interested prospects? If you’re not satisfied with the number of leads your site is eliciting perhaps you need to reassess the website development process that got you where you are.

This is the second article in a series of articles discussing “what makes a good website” and how to increase conversions. Next article is on the importance of content and a user-friendly navigation system so you can lead visitors to the most important information necessary for the conversion.

How can 3wC help you improve the conversion rate of your website?

3wCommunications, a web design company in New Jersey begun in 1995, is a proven leader in delivering award-winning website development. Our web designers have a combined 45 years of web design and graphic design experience. Although we have clients throughout the U.S., most of our clients have offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Please contact us at [email protected] or 856-482-2424 to learn more about our services, especially our website design capabilities and how we can help you.

What Makes a Good Website?

October 24th, 2012

When we talk about what makes a good website we’re talking about one word: conversions. Good website design doesn’t mean fancy icons or complex navigation. On the contrary, good website development focuses on converting your website visitors to a clients, patients, customers or buyers.

How do you measure conversions? The conversion rate for your website is simply a measure of the number of visitors to your site who become customers or, in other words, the percentage of buyers (or those who become customers) to the total number of visitors. It’s important to understand that although trying to increase the number of visitors to your website is important, the real measure of your success will always be trying to increase the percentage of buyers to visitors – or increasing the conversation rate. So let’s talk about what makes a good website, one that can help you increase conversions or the percentage of visitors who become clients or buyers.

Your website should be interactive.

 A website should be interactive. What does this mean?  Usually when we think of a website being interactive we’re thinking of a forum, a chat, or a poll, where visitors to your site can engage with each other and you have the opportunity to join in the conversation. Let’s call this the social aspect of a website. For most business websites, however, these types of web applications don’t make sense. For a business website a simple FAQ page might serve you better and provide the type of interactivity that you need. Asking and answering questions your potential client or buyer might have could be more useful. Also, of course, interactive feedback forms scattered throughout your website – not just on the Contact page – could elicit a response that leads to a conversion, which might a phone call, email or form filled out. Be sure that your interactive feedback forms – we call them “quick contact forms” are programmed so that you know the page the person is on when he or she fills out the form. This way you know what the person – or potential customer – is interested in.

This is the first article in a series of articles discussing “what makes a good website” and how to increase conversions. Next article is on how to merge web technology, design and marketing to create a powerful, effective website.

How can 3wC help you improve the conversion rate of your website?

3wCommunications, a web design company in New Jersey begun in 1995, is a proven leader in delivering award-winning website development. Our web designers have a combined 45 years of web design and graphic design experience. Although we have clients throughout the U.S., most of our clients have offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Please contact us at [email protected] or 856-482-2424 to learn more about our services, especially our website design capabilities and how we can help you.

ABC Manufacturer and Distributor of Truck and Trailer Parts Turns to 3wCommunications for SharePoint Customization

October 18th, 2012

3wCommunications, a leader in delivering award-winning technology solutions including SharePoint customization, especially in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, was approached by a leading global aftermarket master distributor and manufacturer of truck and trailer products – let’s call this company ABC. So ABC was faced with a business challenge: It was being buried under a pile of paper documents. The situation was so bad that management, quality control personnel and salespeople were having a hard time keeping updated on prices and specifications of parts.

ABC’s inventory included over 10,000 parts.  The manufacturer would provide detailed spec sheets and then have their quality control inspectors validate the actual parts received against the spec sheet provided.  Spec sheets would be updated from time to time, but keeping track of all the various versions and making sure customers and salespeople were also working with the correct prices and specifications was challenging. A great deal of manual effort on the part of administrative personnel was required, and the results were not always up to speed.

ABC reached out to 3wCommunications for assistance.  Clearly, SharePoint was the only solution that would solve ABC’s pain, but their internal IT staff did not have experience with SharePoint, especially customizing SharePoint, yet all agreed the company needed SharePoint customization.

3wC, having completed numerous SharePoint customization projects over the years, was able to develop a customized SharePoint solution for ABC, which solved their problem.

The first step was meeting with stakeholders and gaining a clear understanding of the current processes and challenges.  After that, a detailed project plan was created outlining how the SharePoint installation and customization would be implemented.  3wC’s SharePoint development team worked on the installation while the design team focused on the look and feel desired by the ABC.

The end result was a perfect solution for ABC, which experienced a huge improvement in productivity for their personnel.  The great looking, easy-to-use installation ensured that all personnel had access to the latest documents they required.